A new philosophy on towels

In 2019, entrepreneurial brothers Matt and Jason Gutierrez created Geometry as a way to fuse art and function into everyday items that feel uniquely special. We focus on fresh, unique prints—often created by professional artists—and superior functionality to bring art into the home in a way that both simplifies and enhances everyday life. 

Through our thoughtful design and collaboration process, Geometry is committed to supporting artists and creatives worldwide while delivering the highest level of household performance. And since we can’t elevate the home without protecting our home planet, our products are created from post-consumer recycled products using eco-conscious processes. 

At Geometry, we believe in cleaner homes, a cleaner world, and endless beauty in both.


At Geometry, we’re committed to the idea that we can have it all – a beautiful product with exceptional performance that doesn’t cause harm to the world around us. Our designs and artistic collaborations are constantly evolving, with new collections added monthly. So you can change up your look as often as you like – while feeling environmentally responsible about your purchase.


They say life imitates art, and home products should too. We work with artists and designers from around the world to curate unique and beautiful patterns for every home, throughout every season. We’re frequently introducing new artists and creative collaborations through our unique collections, while listening to our customers to understand their styles and preferences. In short, at Geometry, you’ll never again get bored of the same old towel.


Don’t let looks fool you – Geometry products are designed to do their job. Our towels are engineered for higher absorbency, quicker drying and peak cleaning performance. Plus, they wash like a dream and come out of the dryer wrinkle free. 

From drying dishes to wiping spills to leaving windows streak free, our Geoweave™ fabric conquers life’s biggest messes – all while looking like a star.


Making a big impact in your home shouldn’t create a negative impact on the environment. That’s why Geometry is committed to creating sustainable, performance-minded products (that also happen to be beautiful). 

Created from post-consumer recycled materials, our products help reduce waste and conserve water. Each tea towel created means 3.5 fewer plastic bottles in the world’s landfills – a win/win for you and the earth. Plus, our manufacturing processes save an average of 1 to 3 gallons of water per product compared to the traditional equivalent.

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Our Values

Delighting households. Empowering artists. Protecting the planet. Beauty is all around us – and should be integral in your household. At Geometry, we’re passionate about bringing art into the home in an unconventional way, while empowering artists around the globe. And since beauty should never be created on the back of Mother Earth, our products are created responsibly from post-consumer recycled materials to minimize our impact.

Our Products

We put good design to work. They might be easy on the eyes, but Geometry products are tough when it counts. Engineered to be ultra-absorbent, quick-drying and long-lasting, our products wash well and look beautiful for years to come.

Our Impact

Big impact on your home. Small impact on the environment. At Geometry, we believe quality and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, by using post-consumer recycled products in our Geoweave™ fabric, we've created a product that is high-performing and long-lasting - not to mention easy on the eyes.

Our Values
Our Products
Our Impact
Geometry is based in San Clemente, Ca.
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