Our 2021 Gift Guide is Here: Cross everyone off your list at Geometry

Our 2021 Gift Guide is Here: Cross everyone off your list at Geometry

This time of year, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can make you feel a bit like a grinch. If you’re already feeling stumped, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle; we’ve got a list to help guide your gift-giving game. And this one’s sure to please everyone on your list. 

The Eco Warrior

Mother Earth needs a few more of these people in her corner. It’s the friend who always brings her own flatware when she’s getting her food to go, keeps those reusable grocery bags in her car (and then actually remembers to bring them into the store) and always shows up for the neighborhood cleanup activities. Whether your friend’s a composting environmental soldier or just trying to do his best for the world around him, we’ve got the perfect gift: our all-new Not Paper Towels.

Your friends and family can nix the paper stuff for good (and free up some of that landfill space) with our all-new, high-performance, ultra-absorbent Not Paper Towels – available in a wide variety of our favorite prints. Use these just as you would paper towels, then throw them in the wash and start all over again. To make these even more giftable, be sure to pick up our sleek storage tray so your towels make a statement of style and environmental love.

The Style Slave

We all have that friend – she’s always first to know about, well, everything. From the latest style of jeans to the newest fitness craze, this friend is forever on trend – without even trying. When you’re shopping for an actual trendsetter, last season just isn’t going to work. Speak to her leading-edge style with Geometry prints that are so hot off the press, even she hasn’t had a chance to buy them.

Our Hunter Abstract print is the perfectly modern print that transitions from winter to spring flawlessly. Try our Hayden and Harper Abstract prints for a gift pack that’s sure to tickle the trendsetter’s fancy. 

The Early Bird

You know the friend who has his yard decked out in multicolored lights and life-size Santas even before the mall has had a chance to decorate? This is the friend you can check off your list early, because he’d like nothing more than just a little more yuletide cheer to enjoy all season long. 

For those Clark Griswolds and Buddy the Elfs on your list, you’re going to want to head straight over to our holiday shop to get the goods while the season is fresh. From Bauble Ribbon washcloths to Winter Wreaths mini towels, there’s a candy cane, wreath or sprig of holly to suit every yuletide fancy. 

The Outdoors Enthusiast

It’s the friend who’s a little more firewood than five-star, a little more campy than fancy. If you’re not quite sure what she hasn’t already purchased at REI, why not help her bring a little of the great outdoors inside instead? 

Our First Snowfall print evokes the feeling of a peaceful winter mountain hike – without getting stuck in the snow of course. Or for a more abstract look, opt for our Dusty Mountain print, which makes us think of a lovely summer mountain sunset – something all our inner outdoor enthusiasts miss this time of year. 

The Free Spirit

Some march to the beat of their own drum, but when it comes to this person, you’re not sure there’s even a drum at all. It’s the friend who wears whatever colors, fabrics and styles that appeal to him – regardless of whether it’s in style or not. He shies away from anything “on trend” and instead focuses on the unique and unexpected. 

Our Geometry Art Deco Collection is just as unique and unexpected as your most free-spirited friends. Try something bold like our Paradis Rose print or go a bit more understated with our Dans Neutre.

Don’t let the holiday season stress you out this year. We’ve got all the prints and products to please everyone on your gift list. So head over to our collections and knock everyone off your list today!