7 holiday traditions to start this year

7 holiday traditions to start this year

From the scent of wassail simmering on the stove to the giggles of children tearing brightly colored wrapping paper, there’s nothing like the holiday season to give you that warm sense of nostalgia for the people and traditions you love. And if you’re like us, you’re always looking for ways to make the season magical, memorable and meaningful for the whole family. Finding a new, soon-to-be cherished family tradition is the perfect way to do just that. Pick a new one – or seven – to try this month. These sweet, no-fuss traditions will have the whole family longing for the most wonderful time of the year – all year long.

Caroling as a clan

Nothing speaks to the season like the songs you’ve been singing every December since you were a child. This year, spread the cheer by organizing a caroling party. Whether it’s just your immediate family or you invite the entire neighborhood, make it an evening of time-honored tunes, festive treats and a whole lot of tinsel.

Wondering what to sing? We’re here for you. Check out this list of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. And not to spoil it (okay, to totally spoil it), you’ll want to brush up your Silent Night game. 

Going all-out for Christmas Eve

This might be an unpopular opinion, but here at Geometry, we consider Christmas Eve – not Christmas Day – the most wonderful 24 hours of the year. That’s because there’s just something about that anticipatory, celebratory atmosphere… and those treats. That’s why we love the tradition of making Christmas Eve supper a big production. We’re talking your finest china, some lit tapers gracing the table and, of course, some festive Geometry goods at each place setting (might we suggest our Minimal Christmas pack for maximum impact). 

Of course, the food you serve can also be your next cherished tradition. Go with traditional ham or turkey, or take the opportunity to learn about your heritage and serve something your ancestors ate on Christmas (feast of seven fishes, anyone?). 

Decking the (gingerbread) halls

Listen, we’re never mad about Christmas treats of any kind, but the those gingerbread spices really get our festive juices flowing – and that smell from the oven! If you’re looking for a tradition to thrill friends and family of all ages, an evening of candy shingles and chocolate footpaths is sure to be a hit. 

And no, you don’t have to make the gingerbread from scratch (but if you want to, here's a great tutorial). In fact, if you’ve got littles at the party, it’s probably smartest to snag some preconstructed houses. That way, little fingers can focus purely on decorating (and, of course, snatching up candy when no one’s looking). 

Giving back

If you ask any kid what they like best about Christmas, the answer is sure to be: Santa! Presents! Stockings! Or some variation of getting gifts. But what they’re most likely to remember about the holidays is exactly the opposite. Kids remember the excitement and anticipation, but also the time spent with family and, most importantly, that warm feeling they got when they helped someone out.