The spring-cleaning tasks you’re probably overlooking

The spring-cleaning tasks you’re probably overlooking

As if that extra hour of daylight or the increased sunshine hasn’t tipped you off, the calendar surely will: this week marks the official start of spring – and if you’re like us, never was a season more welcome! Along with those Saturday morning baseball games and afternoon picnics in the park, we’re ready for some down-and-dirty spring cleaning! 

Giving your home the spring treatment isn’t just good for the everyday upkeep of your home; it’s good for you, too! According to Healthline, spring cleaning can boost your immune system, decrease stress and depression, prevent illness and encourage overall health. So if you’re ready for a healthier, more stress-free spring, let’s roll up our sleeves and don our best rubber gloves – but try not to forget these often-overlooked spring cleaning chores.

Washer & dryer

There’s just something about machines designed to clean… that make you totally overlook the task of cleaning them. But over time, soap, dirt and other particles can build up in your washing machine and make it – and the clothes it washes – not so clean. Giving your machine a regular cleaning can help extend its life and keep it doing good work for you. 

Washing your washer is simple; all you need is bleach, vinegar and a little bit of patience as you bring your machine through various cycles. Head over to HGTV for step-by-step instructions. 

Your dryer, on the other hand, needs less cleaning and more de-junking. While you’re likely cleaning your lint filter regularly, try to deep clean it every now and then too – we’re talking toothbrush-and-vinegar cleaning. Also be sure to spray the drum with a solution of vinegar and water to clean away any grime. Spring is also a great time to clear your dryer vent and duct, which can get clogged and cause clothing to dry slower. 

And while you’re in the laundry room, pull your machines out to clean behind them – remember, out of sight should never be out of mind when it comes to spring cleaning. 


Speaking of out-of-site, out-of-mind surfaces, think about where you spend a good third of your day – on your mattress! And while you regularly launder your sheets, you may not consider what’s lurking beneath that fitted sheet. According to Business Insider, your mattress could harbor all kinds of microbials, from dust mites and their feces to bacteria to fungal spores and more – not to mention stains from perspiration, makeup and food.

Remove your mattress cover and wash it in hot water. Wayfair then recommends vacuuming the mattress with a brush or upholstery attachment. Once vacuumed, pour baking soda across the surface of the, allowing it to sit for a few hours – or up to 24. Then, thoroughly vacuum until no baking soda is left. This will help neutralize odors and keep your bed fresh and ready for your favorite time of day (bedtime). 

Lamp covers and drapes

There’s dusting… then there’s really dusting. Focusing on those oft-overlooked, dust-collecting surfaces – like the inside and outside of your lamp shades, the backside of your curtains or drapes and the tops of your ceiling fans – is a task worthy of a deep spring clean. Use the brush or upholstery attachment of your vacuum to gently lift dirt and dust away without staining the textiles. For an easy, efficient way to painlessly clean your lampshades, just grab a lint roller!

Air vent covers

If you’re prone to allergies, cleaning your air vents regularly can keep some of those sniffles and sneezes at bay – especially as allergy season gears up in the spring. While there are no scientific studies linking allergies to dirty air vents, WebMD explains that if you’re sensitive to dust, minimizing your exposure to it can only help.

The key to cleaning air vents is to use a dry cloth – anything wet will smear the dust and make a bigger mess than you bargained for. Alternately, if the vents are easy to remove, you can wash them in hot soapy water, then wait for them to dry completely to reinstall.

Kitchen drawers

From blender parts to Ziploc bags to 457 plastic kids spoons, your kitchen drawers do some heavy lifting – er, holding. This spring, give them some love with a thorough cleaning and organizing session. Start by emptying your drawers (don’t worry, you can do them one at a time), and vacuuming up crumbs and debris. Before you return the contents, give it a once over and get rid of anything that’s causing unnecessary clutter (who needs five ice cream scoops anyway?). 

When it comes to your kitchen linens, we’re a little partial to Marie Kondo’s method, so you can see all your pretty patterns and colors at a glance. And if those linens are looking a little shabby, now’s the perfect time to give that drawer (and your kitchen) a refresh! Hop over to see our newest collection of springtime prints in the most gorgeous hues. 

Spring is here – let it (and your home!) shine!