Elevate your kitchen design with these fall 2021 trends

Elevate your kitchen design with these fall 2021 trends

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have the luxury of renovating your kitchens with each change of season (and if you’ve ever been through a renovation project, you probably don’t have the desire either). But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the heartbeat of your home right on trend. From adding décor elements to rearranging furniture, there are myriad ways to modernize your space without wielding a demo axe.

Warm up your color palette

The all-white kitchen trend might be timeless, but the cool-as-ice palette of yesteryear is, well, exactly that. As the calendar ticks closer to 2022, you’ll see kitchens warming up – and we don’t just mean the ovens. 

Consider adding a pop of jewel-toned color to an otherwise monochromatic kitchen. Whether you warm up the space with an accent wall or paint the cabinets on your kitchen island, a bit of color can totally refresh your kitchen. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color palette (PSA: we’re loving Rosy Peach and Aegean Teal) or get a jump on 2022 with Southern Living’s spectacular color recommendations 

Create a work-from-home nook

If there’s one thing 2021 has taught us, it’s that remote work is here to stay – in one form or another. So if you’ve dragged your feet on creating a dedicated work space in your home, perhaps its time to lend a bit of flexibility to that idea too. Your kitchen is the perfect spot for a work/study nook the entire family can use when needed.

Depending on your kitchen, you could have a natural spot for a workspace – like a seldomly used breakfast nook or an empty corner – nearly ready to go. Check out Digs Digs for 25 innovative design ideas for creating an office nook in the kitchen. 

Eat in from now on

There’s nothing cozier than an eat-in kitchen, but just because yours wasn’t built that way doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the dining room forever. Freestanding island furniture is super on trend at the moment – and it’s the perfect way to encourage your family to gather in the kitchen. From industrial and modern to traditional and ornate, find a piece that speaks to you – and makes the entire family want to spend more time I the kitchen. Head over to The Inspired Room to find inspiration for the perfect kitchen furniture. 

Create a natural, organic vibe

We may be reaching the tail end of 2021, but the year’s organic trend is sure to sail right on into 2022. If you haven’t leaned into your organic side yet, it’s time! Look for easy, low-cost ways to add subtle hints of the Earth’s most natural elements – like wood accents, woven grass baskets and soft, natural kitchen towels. Our Fall 2021 collection is every bit a natural wonder, so try adding our favorites to your everyday rotation: Yellow Fall adds a cheery, warm pop of yellow to your space, while our colorful Sleepy Fields washcloth set will lend a warm floral accent to your sink area. 

Maximize natural lighting

If the past two years taught us anything, it was probably a repulsion for being all cooped up. And that’s exactly why our indoor spaces are becoming more influenced by the great outdoors. Now you can take that trend literally and add 27 houseplants to your kitchen, or you can maximize your kitchen’s most natural element – it’s light. Consider simplifying window treatments in or around the kitchen to ensure you’re getting as much light as possible during those shorter fall and winter days. Replace heavy curtains and valances with something simpler and more modern. A basic roller blind is a great way to ensure your privacy during the evening without sacrificing light during the day. 

With the holidays around the corner and cooler temperatures keeping us all (cozily) indoors, there’s never been a better time to give your kitchen a little refresh. Be sure to check out our Fall 2021 collection for the colors and patterns sure to inspire your autumn!