5 ways to make Valentine’s Day special

5 ways to make Valentine’s Day special

Roses are red, violets are blue… that time’s nearly here, so what you gonna do?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if we’ve learned anything from the past couple years, it’s to make. every. holiday. count. So if you’re up for being just a little “extra” with year’s most lovable holiday, we gotchu, boo.

Whether you’re solo, partnered, parenting or any combination of the three, we’ve got a few ideas to make this Valentine’s Day your sweetest and sappiest yet. Choose one, two or all five (several times over) to make this your most epic heart holiday ever! 

Dress the part

Let’s be honest; loungewear officially became daywear in 2020 and even thought things are steadily normalizing (whatever that means), there’s no turning back. In February, treat yourself to something as sweet as it is comfy. We’re loving this comfy, kissy set from Target. Or if you couldn’t get enough family matching during the holidays, put your heart where your PJs are with a set of family jammies like these from Hanna Andersson. 

Of course, for those overachievers out there (you know who you are), you can make your heart-gear an activity in itself! Check out Artful Parent for not one, but eleven fun DIY Valentine’s t-shirt ideas.

Lead with love

If you’re like us, you’re enjoying that minimalist feel you only get after packing up all that holiday décor. But a few hearts and a splash of pink and red can be just what your space needs to bring back that lovin’ feeling all February long. 

And since nothing says Valentine’s like those old-fashioned cards and hearts, you can put the kids in charge of the aesthetics. Pop some hearts on your windows or make a fun garland from handmade cards for fun, easy and inexpensive décor. And don’t leave your kitchen without some love. We can’t get enough of all the pinks and reds (not to mention the x’s and o’s) in our Valentine’s collection, and we’re positive these prints will make your heart sing too! Hop over to our shop for a pop of love you’ll enjoy all season.

Celebrate friendship

You have your Valentines… and you have your galentines. And let’s be honest, sometimes the gals are just a lot more fun. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the gift of friendship with a few (or a lot) of your best girlfriends. Make reservations at a hot new restaurant and don your best heels for a glam night out, or stay in with a few friends, some face masks, a chick flick and all the treats (slippers optional but highly recommended). 

Keep in mind gifts aren’t exclusive to Christmas! The best hostess always has a little something special for her guests. Our Valentine’s Day kitchen and mini towels are the perfect addition to a V-Day swag bag or make a beautiful offering all by itself. 

Two words: snail mail

There’s just something about Valentine’s Day that evokes all the vintage vibes – and by vintage, we mean non-electronic! This year, send your love the old-fashioned way – putting actual cards in the actual mail (mind. blown.) 

Sure, we all love a sweet text or a clever e-card, but you’ll really score some points with handmade, USPS-delivered Valentine cards. Need some motivation? We love these DIY ideas from Country Living, so head over to borrow some inspiration or copy completely (we won’t tell!).

Make it a family affair

They’re the people we love most of all, so who better to hang with on the most lovable day of the year? Make February 14 completely family-focused (after school and work, of course) with a fun family dinner, movie night or game night! 

Head over to Food Network and get (so many) ideas for the perfectly fancy, fun or festive dinner! From homemade Bolognese to heart-shaped pancakes for dinner, you can’t go wrong when the meal’s cooked with love and shared with the people you love the most. 

Don’t stop with dessert! Keep the family fun going all night with some V-Day themed games (check out these ideas), a funny/sentimental gift exchange or a family movie (cuddling required).

From all of us at Geometry, we hope Cupid showers you with love this Valentine’s Day! Hugs and kisses from our family to yours.

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