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Chenille Washcloth Set of 3

Geoweave™ technology fused with our new extra smooth chenille fabric for an even softer feel.

♺ Made from post-consumer recycled materials

10” x 10”


Single-sided print


Printed in California

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No questions asked, hassle-free returns



Taking the best of both worlds, our Geometry Chenille Bath Towels incorporate our powerful Geoweave™technology with a super smooth and durable chenille yarn for an even softer touch. Say hello to your new favorite washcloth.


Our chenille washcloths are designed to dry faster which means more time between washes and an overall fresher experience.


Inspired by the colors, textures, and shapes in the world around us, Geometry's patterns and prints are designed to add that perfect touch to any home.


Each of Geometry's products are thoughtfully designed and developed with a focus on function and usefulness at the forefront of the process. From our ultra-absorbent, quick-drying Geoweave™ fabric, to the stitch count and finishing trims, we are proud to create products that not only look amazing, but surprise and delight our customers when put to the test.

Holding up to 7X its weight in liquid

Fast-drying technology
Keeps your towel fresher, longer

Next-level cleaning
Geoweave™ fabric cleans with less chemicals 
for a healthier home


All of Geometry's products are made from recycled post-consumer materials which helps reduce waste in our environment and conserve water during the manufacturing process. 

1 Geometry Tea Towel = 3.5 recycled plastic bottles

Water saved = 2.5 gallons*

1 Geometry Washcloth Set = 2 recycled plastic bottles

Water saved = 1.43 gallons*

1 Geometry Mini Towel = 2 recycled plastic bottles

Water saved = 1.38 gallons*

1 Geometry Dinner Napkin = 1.65 recycled plastic bottles   

Water saved =1.18 gallons*

1 Geometry Not Paper Towel Set = 2 recycled plastic bottles   

Water saved =1.53 gallons*

*compared to the manufacturing process used to make an equivalent product from non-recycled material

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