“I’m very particular when it comes to our home. We like clean, modern and efficient products. Geometry is exactly that, clean, modern & efficient!”

-Lisa Allen | @lisa_allen


"Imagine a towel that actually does its job...absorbs, cleans, dries, and it looks cute!? I only own geometry towels now, others just aren’t worth having. All the other towels I have owned come out of the wash mangled and wrinkly. These towels come out of the dryer looking like new! Consider me a #1 fan!"

-Kelsi Fullmer | @fullmhouse


"I love love LOVE my Geometry House kitchen towels! They work great and the designs are beautiful!"

-Amanda Earnest | @amandaearnest


"I purchased 3, and have since bought 2 more! Their towels are so absorbent, wash well, and are gorgeous. I can honestly say that I will never buy another brand of dish towels again! Geometry has a 5-star rating in my book!"

-Hannah S, Utah 


"Seriously THE BEST hand towels that I have ever used. As a mom of 3 that washes bottles and dishes all day.. I know a good towel when I meet one!! Perfect product- and the cutest too!"

-Lauren H | @myfavebuys


"We love our towels from Geometry. They are thick and good quality. Not only are they cute and have on trend patterns that serve as accessories to your kitchen, but they also have wonderful absorbency."

-Kelli | @myhouseof8

"These are TRULY the ONLY towels you will EVER need! I don’t know how they are made to dry so fast. I recently ordered my 1st two. I just GAVE AWAY an entire paper grocery bag FULL of all my other kitchen towels. I only need these from now on. PLUS, all the COOL prints & colors! BRAVO"

-Lynn |  @lllittlebaldeagle


"Well let me tell you... worth the hype!! Not only are they cute (so many good patterns to choose from!!), but super durable, soft, and absorbent (which is really my number 1 priority in a towel) Nate and I used them all weekend and I was shocked at how well they held up during a long dinner prep, countless hand washes and dish washing. And the material is antimicrobial! Which makes it great for kitchen and bathroom use. Be sure to check them out @geometry.house!"

-Zoe Bleak | @zoecorinne