Living your coziest life: 5 home décor tips for fall

Living your coziest life: 5 home décor tips for fall

There’s a meme circulating on social media that goes something like:

2020: OMG, we’re entering hell

2021: Ok, but how do we make hell cozy?

Strange and unprecedented times aside (if they can be put aside), there’s no better time to channel “cozy” in your home than fall. With temperatures dipping, days growing shorter and all that holiday home traffic just around the corner, there’s no better time to give your space the coziest reboot of all. Here’s how to easily add some warmth and texture throughout your home. 


Reassess your lighting

The earth’s lighting changes dramatically from summer to winter, so it makes sense to adjust your home as well. While assessing your current lighting situation and determining how to modify for the coming season might take a little sensory sensitivity, there are a few easy ways to get started. 

Fall’s shortening daylight means longer evening (read: dark) hours, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough light in your home for those family dinners, late-afternoon homework sessions and holiday parties. If you find yourself wishing for more light at the end of the day, try brighter bulbs – up to about 4000K temperature (more info on temperatures here). 

Of course, since we’re talking cozy, creating ambient lighting is also a great idea for fall. If your lighting is all or nothing (i.e., you’ve got one set of overhead lighting that can’t be adjusted), think about adding dimmer switches or a few table or floor lamps. Either will give you the ability to create a cozy, almost candlelit atmosphere easily customizable to your evening’s activities. Head over to LifeSavvy for more information on creating your fall/winter lighting strategy. 


Cozy up your textiles

All it takes is cooler temperatures to make that lonely throw blanket on the arm of the sofa suddenly more popular than a homecoming queen. Lest you want your family and guests fighting over a summery scrap of muslin, it’s time to blanket up for the season ahead. 

Reach for throws that boast a good amount of texture, like chunky knits, smooth wools and plush faux furs. Check out The Spruce for a list of the most perfect throws for fall. And if scattered blankets aren’t your favorite autumnal look, keep things cozy and orderly with a blanket basket or caddy to keep those coverings in line (but also handy!). 


Channel fall baking

Even if Instagram makes it look like every mom is baking pumpkin chocolate chips cookies on the daily come fall, we all know we break out that recipe maybe once all season long. And even though nothing is as cozy as fall-scented baking wafting from a warm oven, keeping that scent around is unsustainable – even for the ultimate influencers. 

Keeping that scent, however, is easier than you think. Obviously, fall-scented candles are a solid option for keeping your home smelling like fall. But if you’re looking for an even more authentic smell, try a stovetop potpourri like this one from The Fresh Cooky. Chock-filled with citrus, apples, cinnamon and pumpkiny spices, this will keep your house smelling even cozier (and your jeans decidedly looser) than all that fall baking.


Mind the details

Let’s be honest, no one has the time or energy to completely revamp their homes (and lives) with every change of season. But usually, a nod of festiveness isn’t as complicated as you think. Take a look around your kitchen and dining room for a few easy ways to add warmth and texture. Our fall assortment of hand towels and napkins are the perfect way to lend some unexpected warmth to dinner prep and mealtime. 

We recommend our Changing Colors, Apple Prints, and Yellow Fall tea towels for a simple yet effective nod to the coziest season of all.


Create fall-centered curb appeal

Fall is all about an inviting interior, but there’s no reason to leave your porch out in the cold. Create an autumnal ambiance visitors will appreciate from the get-go by adding cozy elements to your front porch. Switch out outdoor porch pillow covers for warmer textiles and add an assortment of neutrally colored fairytale pumpkins and gourds. 

Cozy up your outdoor lighting with candlelit lanterns (opt for flameless, battery operated candles on timers for a hands-off approach) and layer up porch rugs for added texture. We love this whole look from Rachel Parcell.

While temperatures continue falling outside, keeping your home warm and inviting can be a balancing act – but it’s one your family and guests will certainly notice. Your turn: how are you warming up your home for the new season? 

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