Give your kitchen the fall treatment: 4 easy, festive updates for autumn

Give your kitchen the fall treatment: 4 easy, festive updates for autumn

Remember when Greenday said, “wake me up when September ends?” Well, they certainly weren’t wrong to open their eyes this time of year. With the days shortening, temperatures cooling and kids finally (FINALLY!) back in school, there’s no doubt that every girl’s (really, we researched it on Instagram) favorite season is here. And if your kitchen hasn’t heard that Autumn has arrived, it’s a good time to wake it up too. 

Start with a few key updates that will have your home’s busiest gathering spot sending fall vibes all season long. 

Bring the fall foliage inside

Between school drop-off, fall carnival, weekend football games and any number of other activities, autumn doesn’t leave much time for running through jewel-hued hills or jumping in piles of leaves (we heartily endorse both activities, for the record). But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of fall foliage right in the spot where you spend all your time. Give your kitchen a fall-centric reboot by adding fresh flowers or autumn greenery – and a pop of festive color – to your kitchen table, island or countertop. 

When selecting fresh flowers, opt for hues rich in autumn’s golden color palette. Think dahlias, garden roses, amaranthus, chrysanthemums and sunflowers in rich yellows, oranges and burnt reds. If you’re looking for something a little lower maintenance than a fresh bouquet, opt for a houseplant that speaks to the season. Southern Living recommends crotons, bromeliads and dracaenas for a stunning display you’ll love all season long (and probably a while after).

Gourd the way

If there’s one vegetable we can always get behind this time of year, it’s a pumpkin. And while they’re delicious roasted and salted or baked into a dessert with plenty of cinnamon and sugar, they’re also a key décor element for the entire season. Of course, the kitchen isn’t a place for too many knick-knacks, so choose pieces with as much function as they have form. For example, simmering cold-season soups in a pumpkin-shaped pot is the perfect way to add festive flair to your culinary routine. Bowls and dinnerware in gourd-themed shapes or motifs are also a fun way to invite the season into your kitchen. 

Of course, the kitchen is also the perfect spot to bring in the real deal. Load up your produce basket with pie pumpkins, acorn squash and other seasonal gourds, then pile them into a basket or dough bowl for a fall-theme display that’s more than simply decorative – and who doesn’t need some extra motivation to eat more veggies anyway?

Sprinkle in an autumn color palette

Nothing says autumn like a canyon drive through vibrantly colored leaves. But if your afternoons tend to be a little more homework and dinner prep and a lot less carefree country drives, you can still bring the colors of the season right into your home. 

Unless you’re really committing to the season, you probably won’t be painting a wall or hanging wallpaper. Opt for easy and inexpensive ways to add some autumn hues to your décor – and start here at Geometry. We recommend our Auburn Autumn, Raking Red, Stripe Season, Pumpkin Squares, or Half Moon Hills tea towels or our Burnt Tree Brush washcloth set to drop some subtle notes of fall color in everyone’s favorite gathering place. 

Delight the senses

If there’s one phrase that describes fall in a nutshell, it’s probably “pumpkin spice.” And while the popular mix of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg is the season’s signature scent, it’s certainly not the only scent synonymous with autumn. So if pumpkin spice isn’t exactly your thing, you can still warm up your kitchen (or your entire home) with a candle or home fragrance that speaks to the season. 

If you’re into the freshly baked treats vibe, try scents with notes of apples, cinnamon, clove, rum, maple and caramel.  If you’re more into natural scents (or just get frustrated when you realize there isn’t actually an apple pie browning in your oven), go for sandalwood, mahogany, amber and tobacco. 

Of course, there’s no need to overthink it – especially if someone else has already done that for you. Head over to Elle Décor for a list of fall-inspired candles that’ll have you smelling crisp autumn air and warm fall treats all season long. 

Your turn – what’s the seasonal accessory or autumn-inspired update you can’t live without?