**Commissions are calculated from the Wholesale Value of the order total before shipping and tax, and after discounts. Wholesale Value is 80% of an order's subtotal. Stylists must have a current active Geometry Stylist Account to be eligible for commissions or bonuses.

† Level 1 Customer Orders are orders placed through your Team Link.

‡ Level 2 Customer Orders are orders placed through your Level 2 Stylist's Team Link. 

△ Level 3 Customer Orders are orders placed through your Level 3 Stylist's Team Link.


^ The Top 2% of Stylists is determined by comparing a Stylist's Total Customer Orders (Level 1 Customer Orders + Level 2 Customer Orders + Level 3 Customer Orders) from the previous month to the Total Customer Orders of all other active Stylists from the previous month.

$ Each month a Bonus Pool is formed from 5% of the previous month's Total Company Customer Orders, excluding shipping and tax, and after discounts, refunds, and returns. Stylists that qualify for the Top 2% of Stylists receive a percentage of the Bonus Pool. The percentage received is calculated based on the Stylist's Total Customer Orders from the previous month, compared to the Total Customer Orders of the other qualifying Stylists from the previous month.

*Monthly bonus applies to Top 2% of Stylists only.