Meet the Maker - Cristina Sirbu

Meet the Maker - Cristina Sirbu


Spanning from her native Romania to travel across the globe - artist and designer, Cristina, blends the worlds of art, design, and fashion into her work. No matter her travels, Cristina's inspirations all find a home in fabric.

"The comfort that I gain from working with centuries-old textile techniques allows me to push the boundaries of the look and feel of the final product."  

We worked closely with Cristina to develop our brand new Estuary Collection, an assortment of towels, available now in three sets: midnight, midday, and sunset. In its creation, Cristina was inspired by the waterways, colors, and wildlife of the American South.

"Years spent in the South remind me of the all encompassing magic of Spring humidity that slow down the passage of time and allows the songs of the cicadas to serenade the world."

Through these carefully crafted prints, Cristina makes the small details of the world around her bold and beautiful. We're thrilled to launch this stunning new collection, where sky meets sea.