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On a recent photoshoot we caught up with our friend Kelly and peppered her with a few quick questions about her new kitchen.

When did you start and finish your new kitchen?

April 2018 - July 2018 (that’s including new floors, windows, but just redoing kitchen was about a month).


Did you work with a designer or was it a solo project?



How would you describe the style and look of your kitchen?

(??) - bright, modern.


What were your goals in designing your new kitchen?

Brighter, more light - added longer window in kitchen and the la cantina doors in kitchen nook.  I wanted super durable and easy to use/clean also.  No marble here.  :)


What are some of your favorite features of the kitchen?

I love my double, deep apron sink and touchless faucet.



Are there any cool tricks you discovered or used during the process of the remodel?

Don’t be home during the remodel!  We started it while we were out of town - it was great!


What tips or advice would you give to someone just getting ready to start a kitchen remodel?

Ask for help from a designer or scour blogs or designers sites.  Also, shop around and ask multiple people for referrals and who they liked working with as far as the counter, cabinet, electrician guys, etc.  Some people are picky and some aren’t.  If you are picky, ask picky people.

Thanks Kelly! Our tea towels loved being in your amazing kitchen!